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James Chou Taiwan Store 1959


After ten years of training in carpentry, James C. Chou opened his first furniture store in Taipei, Taiwan in 1959. Mr. Chou's expertise in carpentry brought immediate success to the business.

James Chou Taipei Wooden Furniture Association Award


During his tenure as a chairman of Taipei Wooden Furniture Association from 1970 to 1976, Mr. Chou led innovations in building and designing of furniture construction. His achievement was recognized with the "Excellence in Leadership" award

James Chou Los Angeles Store 1980

1980 Los Angeles

In 1980, Mr. Chou expanded the business to North America. The move not only timely accomodated the needs of Chinese clients in the Los Angeles area, but also introduced a whole new array of high quality oriental furniture and arts to the western world.

China Furniture and Arts Chicago Store 1980

1982 Chicago

Upon the demand of interior designers, in 1982 with its new name "China Furniture and Arts", the business moved to Chicago, the great American city of architecture and design.

China Furniture and Arts Westmont Store 1991

1991 Westmont

In 1991 China Furniture and Arts moved in its 15,000 square foot showroom in the Chicago suburb of Westmont. With more than 2000 items in stock we are dedicated to bringing timeless quality and craftsmanship of fine oriental furniture and arts to our clients worldwide.

China Furniture Online 1997

1997 World Wide

China Furniture and Arts expand its business online to serve its clients worldwide.