Photo Gallery - China Furniture and Arts Product Selections
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Asian Style Furniture and Decor - Product Showcase

Contemporary Chinese Furnishings

Simple in shape and spare of decoration, the spiral legs of this console table give it a unique appeal. Being solid black it fits with most contemporary decor but also has subtle distressed accents on the edges to give it a tiny hint of additional character. The twin brass dragon sculptures work to enhance the overall feeling of symmetry and balance. Each decorative element is distinctly Chinese in style, and come together to create an eye catching composition.

Distressed Living Room Nook

Keeping things sophisticated and classy, the furniture here borrows elements from traditional Tibetan (the cabinet) and traditional Chinese (the chair, pillow and cushion) art. Each piece has a vintage distressed finish to give the space a warm rustic feeling.

Classic Ming Style Entryway

The natural wood grains of this Chinese Ming style console table and chair are warm and inviting, which are perfect for an entryway. The classic look of blue and white porcelain (garden stool and foo dog figurines) make a perfect accent adding a splash of color.

Japanese Style Storage

The Japanese step tansu chest is the perfect storage unit. Having so many different drawers and compartments makes it highly practical, and the design is perfect if you are looking for a cabinet that is out of the ordinary.

Mix and Match Decor

Each piece is unique in its own right, from the terracotta warrior statues, to the Japanese style buffet cabinet with longevity symbol door pulls. The gold leaf wall plaque ties everything together making it an eye catching focal point.

Daybed Reading Nook

A comfy and airy space to relax and read. The traditional Chinese style daybed is fitted with a luxurious silk cushion and pillows. The hand painted floor screen adds an element of ambiance tying together the Asian theme of the space.

Superior Craftsmanship

Our 37 years of experience in the North American market has allowed us to create award-winning designs, combining beautiful traditional Asian styles with functions for today's modern lifestyle. We at China Furniture and Arts not only understand the beauty and eclectic nature of Asian art, but the delicacy of the work, and also the stories behind each piece.

We insist that all of our handcrafted products be manufactured with traditional techniques. All pieces that we select faithfully represent their origin, and our Asian style product designs are truthful to the original designs that inspired them.

Westmont Showroom

Based out of Chicago, but with roots in the carpentry of Shanghai, China Furniture and Arts is a premier provider of Asian home furniture and decor. We offer a large variety of selections, specializing in rosewood furniture. From complete room settings to fine collectible accessories, we constantly inventory more than 4,000 items and most of them can be viewed in our 15,000 square foot showroom.