Chinese New Year 2023
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Chinese New Year 2023 - Year of the Water Rabbit

Coming after the tiger and before the dragon, the rabbit is 4th in order in the 12-year Chinese Zodiac cycle of the lunar calendar.

According to Chinese folklore, the zodiac order was originally decided by a race between the earth’s creatures. One of the most popular versions of this story asserts that the Jade emperor organized the competition, decrying that the first 12 creatures to cross the finish line would be rewarded by having a year in the zodiac named after them. The first three to cross were the rat, followed by the ox then the tiger.

The swiftness and endurance of the rabbit allowed it to finish in the top four competitors. It was only slowed while crossing a great river situated at the final leg of the race. Unable to swim across, the rabbit’s only chance was to hop on a log and hope that the current would carry it safely across. These hopes were nearly dashed until a mysterious gust of wind pushed the log to the shore, allowing the rabbit to finish the race. The Jade Emperor would later learn that it was the dragon that saw the rabbit in trouble and blew the log to shore. The dragon otherwise could have finished the race ahead of the rabbit.

Chinese Gold Rabbit
Chinese Resin Rabbit

Personality Traits of the Rabbit Zodiac

By nature, the rabbit is easy going and prefers to avoid conflict and unnecessary risks. This can sometimes lead them to be hesitant or timid. On the other hand, the rabbit is adept at handling confrontational situations with their words, being articulate and possessing strong communication skills. These qualities, combined with their persistence and steadfast temperament, allow them to thrive in leadership roles.

They are also known for their patience, modesty, and kindness - which help in establishing strong personal relationships. Romantically, they can be quite sentimental but need a change of pace every now and then so they do not get bored with routine. The rabbit also appreciates stability, and this influences them to live a smooth and peaceful life.

Chinese Zodiac Outlook for 2023

Whereas 2022 was a hectic year that required maximum energy output in order to achieve success, 2023 is a far less turbulent period. This year, you will benefit from a more relaxed pace in which more effort should be exerted on self-reflection and achieving balance.

The water rabbit year begins on January 22, 2023 and ends on February 9th, 2024. Although this year is marked by a calm energy, you must be wary of falling into a prolonged lull. Be mindful of any tendency to hesitate or succumb to indecision, and apply a contemplative approach and confident attitude.