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Chinese Table Lamps

Many Chinese style table lamps often feature reappropriated objects like sculptures, jars, and vases which are then retrofitted with standard electrical equipment. A soft silk or linen shade then provides the finishing touch with a warm soft glow.

China Furniture Online offers a wide selection of sizes and styles, from blue and white porcelain to calligraphy motif or stone Buddha. Asian style table lamps provide exotic charm to any contemporary interior.

Chinese Porcelain Jar Lamp

This lamp features a
vintage Chinese bronze mirror

Imperial Palace Floor Lantern

Asian style lamp shades come
in many uniques shapes and sizes

Other Types of Oriental Lighting - Imperial and Palace Lanterns

Our collections of floor and hanging lanterns are replicas of palace lanterns once seen in the Forbidden City, Beijing. The palace lanterns make great accent pieces that add style and sophistication to any dwelling.

Equipped with a standard United States electrical kit and finished with a silk linen shade, these lanterns work well with any contemporary setting, while emitting a warm glow of the ancient past.

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