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The Traditional Chinese Bed

Believe it or not, Chinese people in ancient times actually preferred bedding that emaphasized firmness above all other qualities. This is in stark contrast to cultural values in the western world, where bedding was created with comfort and softness in mind. One of the original Chinese beds was the Kang, or bed stove, which was little more than a clay platform with an oven beneath it. Before sleep, the bed's occupant would light the stove, heating the clay for the night to allow for a more comforting sleep.

Eventually, beds in China evolved to the more familiar wooden platform construction. This style of bed highlights differing cultural values between east and west. In China, beds were used for much more than sleeping. They were used for many social activities and provided a platform to sit and gather. These more elaborate platform beds commonly featured railings and an exquisite front frame, which often resembled a garden gate.

Antique Chinese Bed

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Asian Rosewood Bed Set

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Today, the modern Asian style platform bed is manufactured in many different designs and shapes. The selection at features an extensive range of solid hard wood bed frames crafted from either Northern Chinese Elm, or Southeastern Asian Rosewood.

Whether you are looking for the modern day bed or a traditional platform bed, all of our designs are crafted by hand to ensure quality, and many also feature elaborate hand carvings.

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