Vintage Chinese Temple Cloisonne Incense Burner
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Vintage Chinese Temple Cloisonne Incense Burner

Part No:        ACVBUR-D
Dimension:   18"W x 11"D x 37"H

An outstanding example of Chinese art and craft, every inch of this 5 piece imperial censer is covered in elaborate detail. Evidence of its age can be identified by the Qianlong Nian Zhi mark that is situated on the base of the center body piece, directly between the tripod legs. This particular mark is called an apocryphal mark by auctioneers and collectors because it was meant to be a tribute to similar works created for the imperial household during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). The cloisonne incense burners were often seen at the hall of imperial family which represented power and royalty. Ours will last for generations to admire.

Meant to burn incense, the medium for this censer is a combination of bronze casting and cloisonne. Cloisonne is an incredibly tedious technique that involves creating pockets, or cloisonne, out of copper or bronze wire. These pockets then serve as enclosures for glass paste or enamel to be filled in. Each pocket is a singular component to the overall design. When viewed as a whole on a piece of this scale, the mosaic like effect is absolutely stunning.

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