Imperial Prosperity Dragon Porcelain Jar
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Imperial Prosperity Dragon Porcelain Jar

Part No:        VJ22BD
Dimension:   12.25"Dia x 22"H

Featuring a flying dragon chasing after a flaming pearl across the sky, this imperial porcelain jar is a work of art worth collecting. The dragon's form, rendered with loose calligraphic brush strokes, sweeps across the body of the vase, while a few sparse clouds in the similar style define the white background as the sky. The superb design continues upward to the lid to complete the overall look. In Chinese society, the dragons symbolize potent and auspicious power. The dragon is also a symbol of power, strength, and good luck. As such, soaring dragons are prominent decorative themes in Chinese culture. A beautiful work of art, display this vase as a centerpiece or decorative accent on a console table where it is sure to be admired for its beauty.

Retail Price:  $738.00
Our Price:     $538.00
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