Elmwood Wedding Cabinet
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Elmwood Wedding Cabinet

Part No:        BJSYCA07
Dimension:   35"W x 24"D x 41.5"H

What was once a ceremonial bridal dowry cabinet, used by the bride to move her dowry to the husband's home, is now an intriguing piece of furniture. This cabinet is crafted with elaborate carvings of auspicious symbols, sought to bring prosperity and happiness to the newly wedded couple: two pairs of foo dogs stand guard on the top rail; low relief carvings of four season flowers, birds, and fish embellishes the cabinet's handle; myriad of coupling animals, from rabbits and deers to foo dogs, decorate the cabinet's front face; intricate carvings of cherry blossoms flank the two sides; a hand-painted scene from the popular classic text, The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, graces the back panel. The interior contains one shelf with ample storage space. This cabinet is a beautiful work of art and a cultural artifact to be collected.

Retail Price:  $2,590.00
Our Price:     $1,890.00
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