Vintage Pagoda Altar House
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Vintage Pagoda Altar House

Part No:        BJMJZL-87A
Dimension:   37"W x 20"D x 35"H

With elegant, sweeping rooflines and stunning details, miniature pagoda altar houses were originally crafted for use in ancestor worship. This vintage, one-of-a-kind rare to find piece reproduces the original faithfully. The delicate, aged patina finish shows traces of its original bright colors, each door is intricately carved with Chinese character Good Luck, and each column carved with Chinese poem rounding off its classical beauty. Made entirely of Elmwood. This is one-of-a-kind item to collect. The center doors of the house open up to an interior room that measures 34" x 10"D x 13"H. Fully assembled.

Retail Price:  $3,175.00
Our Price:     $2,175.00
FREE Standard Shipping!     $0.00


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