Shang Dynasty Bronze Wine Holder Replica
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Shang Dynasty Bronze Wine Holder Replica

Part No:        TBJ34H18
Dimension:   14"W x 5"D x 18"H

This ritual wine holder, referred to in Chinese as a "Zun", is a bronze, piece-mold cast, wine-holding vessel complete with removable lid. The original version of this bronze replica dates back to the Shang Dynasty (1066 BC), also known as the Bronze Age of China. This unique work of art features a cylindrical vessel atop the backs of two standing rams, an imperative animal to early Chinese agricultural tradition. The body of the vessel is intricately decorated with taotie motif, a common design pattern found in Chinese bronze art. A resting ram perching atop the lid, serving as the vessel's handle, concurrently showcasing ancient Chinese bronze artistry. Shang's bronze sculptures are, therefore, more than just elegant objects, but symbols of power, commanding respect. Finely applied aged patina, that is faithful to the original. A great work of art for any contemporary setting.

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