Blue & White Double Dragon Motif Planter
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Blue & White Double Dragon Motif Planter

Part No:        VP06BW
Dimension:   9"Dia x 6"H

Featuring two flying dragons chasing after a flaming pearl across the sky, this blue and white planter is a work of art worth collecting. The dragons' forms, rendered with loose calligraphic brush strokes, sweep across the body of the vase, while a few sparse clouds in the similar style define the white background as the sky. In Chinese society, the dragons symbolize potent and auspicious power. The dragon is also a symbol of power, strength, and good luck. As such, soaring dragons are prominent decorative themes in Chinese culture. A beautiful work of art, display this planter as a centerpiece or as a planter pot where it is sure to be admired for its beauty. Top opening is 6"Dia.

Retail Price:  $108.00
Our Price:     $78.00
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