Porcelain Blue and White Qing Emperors
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Porcelain Blue and White Qing Emperors

Part No:        ABJQ3GBW-18
Dimension:   6"W x 4"D x 17.25"H (each, set of three)

These detailed porcelain statuettes represent three generations of the most popular emperors in Chinese history. The oldest of the three Qing (1644-1912) emperors, Kang Xi (reigning 1662-1722), reestablished peace by adopting much of the Ming bureaucratic structure and espousing Confucian ideals of government, ushering in an era of reconstruction. His son Yong Zheng (reigning 1723-35) completed the institutional restructuring of the Qing state, but it was under Kang Xi's grandson, Qian Lon (reigning 1736-95), that the empire reached the height of its power. Sold as a set of three.

Retail Price:  $392.99
Our Price:     $212.99
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