Blue & White Porcelain Three Lucky Gods
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Blue & White Porcelain Three Lucky Gods

Part No:        V3G14BW-BJ
Dimension:   3.25"W x 3"D x 12.5"H (each, set of three)

Fu (good luck), Lu (high rank and fortune), and Shou (longevity) are considered the three essential elements for a happy life in Chinese Culture. Representing a family-oriented culture, the god Fu is depicted with a child in his arm. Wearing a hat of a high official in the emperor's court, the god Lu represents good fortune. As a society based on Confucius's scholar-statesman philosophy, the way to acquire good fortune was first to receive a good education and then to become a high rank official. He is always in the center of these three. The long-bearded old sage is the God of longevity. He is always seen with a peach in his hand which is a symbol of longevity in Chinese mythology. Made of porcelain, the three gods are seen in most Chinese households and bring positive Feng-Shui. Each one is approximately 3.25"W x 3"D x 12.5"H. Sold as a set of three.

Retail Price:  $298.00
Our Price:     $198.00
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