Cedar Wood Root Carving Da Mo
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Cedar Wood Root Carving Da Mo

Part No:        AWC20
Dimension:   9.5"W x 11.5"D x 21.5"H

Hand carved from a solid block of cedar, this sculpture is a unique display piece great for collecting and displaying. The organic and abstract nature of the piece takes its form from the original shape of the block of wood that the artist was working from. The artist carved the piece to emulate Bodhidarma (commonly called Damo in Chinese or Daruma in Japanese), who is credited with being the individual who popularized Chan Buddhism in China. He introduced the physical training of Buddhist monks, which many believe led to the creation of Kung-fu. His accomplishments have elevated his image to the level of legend. The beautiful wood grains of the cedar wood show through, achieved through hours of careful work. Matching wooden stand is included.

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