Wooden Vintage Buddha Head
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Wooden Vintage Buddha Head

Part No:        BJMSBUD-B
Dimension:   10"W x 12"D x 16"H

Buddha came to be the most frequently worshipped god in Asia, and is still celebrated today. It is a symbol of unexpected good fortune. Made in the Southeast Asian style, this Buddha head has a serene facial expression and characteristic "snail shell" hairstyle, which according to legend was one of the 32 marks of a great man that were discovered at his birth. Meanwhile, the topknot "crowning" his head symbolizes his attainment of spiritual enlightenment. His long earlobes are said to represent his wealthy background (referring to the heavy earrings he once wore as a prince) or his ability to hear the suffering of the world's people. Hand carved in wood with great attention to detail. Please allow slight variance of each piece.

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Our Price:     $318.00
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