72in Terracotta Soldier Infantryman
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72in Terracotta Soldier Infantryman

Part No:        ATSLD75C
Dimension:   19"W x 20"D x 72"H

In 1974, well diggers searching for water stumbled on a huge underground vault. There in the red soil stood hundreds of beautiful armed warriors. The guardian army of the Emperor Qin Shi Huang, who unified China in a series of wars between 246 and 221 BC. Over 7000 terracotta soldiers and horses and countless bronzes have been discovered in this burial. This replica of a Terracotta Soldier represents an example of such a find. He wears a suit of armor over two long robes and trousers. His two hands extend for weapons placement. There is a tie at his neck and a intricate roll of hair atop his head. Perfect as an accent piece in any modern setting.

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