Hand-Carved Jade Prosperity Money Toad
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Hand-Carved Jade Prosperity Money Toad

Part No:        AJTOAD-14
Dimension:   10"W x 15"D x 8"H

Painstakingly carved from a solid piece of jade by an artisan from China, this beautiful money toad is a work of art to be collected. The Money Toad, or Jin Chan, is a popular Feng Shui charm for prosperity. According to Chinese mythology, The Money Toad often appears during the full moon near the house or business that will soon receive good news and fortune. This beautiful sculpture faithfully depicts Jin Chan, the three-legged toad, sitting atop a large pile of gold with a coin in its mouth. Bring this Toad home to invite good fortune and wealth, and guard against bad luck. This is a one-of-a-kind item to collect and will last for generations to admire.

Retail Price:  $938.00
Our Price:     $678.00
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