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The resurgence of chinoiserie


Throughout history, many movements in design and decoration have mixed Eastern and Western motifs to create a unique personality and style. One of these movements, popular chiefly in Europe in the eighteenth century and beyond, was chinoiserie. This style of ornamentation was popular and usually defined by the use of intricate patterns and the integration of design tropes identified at the time as Chinese decor. While this style was different than typical Asian wall decor, it retained some of the elegance and beauty, the complex simplicity present in Eastern design. Similar principles govern some of the creations available at ChinaFurnitureOnline.com. Founded by carpenter James C. Chou, the business specializes in items created with a sensibility from his home of Taipei, and his adopted home in America. Browse the collection to view some of his unique creations.

Options for Asian wall decor

Asian Wall Decor

Many items available from ChinaFurnitureOnline.com embody the mix of East and West. Along with the chinoiserie collections, which mix the muscle of American carpentry with the aesthetic elegance of Chinese design elements, the site also offers living room and dining room furniture, mirrors, and specific types of Asian wall decor, including shadow boxes. End tables with lacquered designs have a distinctly Eastern feel. Decorative accents, like planters and vases or statues and figurines, add a simple touch that can make a room. Ordering now from ChinaFurnitureOnline.com guarantees discounted shipping, with many items available at reduced prices. Call toll free at 1-888-786-6888 to learn more.

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